Working Girl Part 1

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Working Girl Part 1

Well, let me tell you, first of all I?m 23years old and have hazel-green eyes, 34D boobs (sorry no DD?s), dark /blonde/">blonde hair down my mid-thigh and I have a good figure that would make any man walk behind me.

This is the time when I was at my first interview at a journalist company. I was interviewing for a subediting job. And not that I?m not qualified but who doesn?t try to make their chances better? So I was a little over-dressed for the interview I was using my body to my advantage. I was wearing a black pencil skirt that ended just around my mid-thighs, a black /thong/">thong under that, a white office shirt tight around my boobs and the top 2 buttons open. I wasn?t wearing a bra because I?m proud to say I don?t need one.

When I walked into the room I saw stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv all the appraised looks I got and smiled to myself. The outfit was working.

?Tahliah Dinare? my name was shouted out by the secretary. I walked past her into the pointed office. Straight away I saw a wide room with a big oak table in the middle and a man sitting there. He wasn?t /bad/">bad to look at either. Maybe late thirties, brown hair, broad build telling me that he had a /gym/">gym membership.

He looked up at me and gestured to the seat. I sat down and looked at him again. It was a good thing that I was dressed like this. He looked all business and I would need white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie all that I could to get this.

?Hi my name is Ethan Carmichael the CEO of this company. Show me you?re past experiences, resume and other things like that.? he had this tone of saying this as if he was asking me the weather.

?Here? I stretched out over the table to give him the file; I bent a little extra to give him a good view of my cleavage. I could swear I saw a hint of a smile when he looked at me but it was gone soon after.

He looked through for a few minutes.

?There aren?t any experiences here?

I looked in my bag and then saw that there were a few papers in there. I started taking them out. When I looked back I saw that he had been looking at me. I again gave him the pages bending down again.

?Well Tahliah you are a strong potential employee but I need to see what you have that others don?t so that you should get this job? I could almost hear the double meaning in that sentence.
Well I?d played this game many times and would do it again.

I stood up and started walking around the table.
?What kind of skills do you have in mind??

?Well that is up to you to show me.?

I slid some of the stuff on his table to the side and made room for me right in front of him. I sat on the table and looked down at him.

?Am I on the right track here?? I purred bending down and pushing my cleavage ever so close to his face.

?I think you?re getting very close to it? he breathed on to my shirt. I could feel it through the material and my nipples instantly started to harden. Now you could see them through my shirt. I opened another button on my shirt. Then I sat up and slightly opened my legs. He looked down slightly onto the scraps of black covering my pussy. I was getting wet at this point and I?m pretty sure he could see that too.

He shifted to the back a bit and gestured to his lap. I raised my eyebrows but slid down onto his lap and my legs over the office chair arms. I started to slowly move my legs against his lap. I was already feeling a slight bump in his pants. I started to ground my pussy against that bump, sometimes up and down and sometime around in circles. He was groaning so quietly it was hard to hear but I could tell he was enjoying it.

He suddenly moved his hands to my shirt and began to run them all over me in a light touch that sent me shivering. He finally stopped circling my boobs and then opened the rest of the buttons on the shirt and dropped it on the floor. I stopped grinding against him and put my boobs in his face and murmured into his ear.

?Lick me. Suck me. Bite me.?

He needed no more telling his mouth was all over my tits and his hands played with the other one. I was the one moaning this time. I could now feel the bump very hard against my thighs. I was suddenly so hungry for a cock inside me that I actually pulled my boobs back from his face.

?I need you in me. Now.? I was dying with the need of cock in me.
He looked at me and shook his head.

?Not this way baby doll?

?You?re going to have to beg me for my dick?

I was just about ready to do anything so begging was nothing.

?Please. Please Ethan. Give me your dick. Please I need it now.?

?Fine then, take it out baby doll. Take it out and make it ready for your pussy.?

I bent down and unzipped his pants, taking out a long thick hardness that shocked even me.

?You like it baby doll??

I didn?t answer but went straight onto sucking it to its full size. Even when not all hard his cock was an amazing size. I was sucking it and slicking with my tongue every so often. I couldn?t take it all the way inside; it was too big even for me.

When I couldn?t take it anymore, I took my mouth of him. I stood up and slipped my skirt off and pulled my thong down to my ankles. I started to settle myself onto his lap. Then I slowly led his easily 8? rod closer to my hot and wet opening. I slowly slipped it in, but apparently he had other plans for me as he pushed into me with a little bit of aggression.

I felt it hit my cervix and gave a slow moan, I felt so full and good. But I needed more, so I sat up a bit and then slid down on his dick again. Then I started to ride him faster and he was moving with me so I could take more of it. I was giving constant moans and little groan now and felt my throat go sore and thought of the people sitting outside. This somehow turned me on even more and I slipped over the edge and had my first orgasm. It was so amazing and I was nearly writhing against him.

Then his dick hit my sensitive g-spot and I nearly screamed. This was too good and I was flying in the skies. Then I felt his mouth around my nipple, it was too much for me at this point and now I was begging his to stop.

?Ethan please, stop it! Please stop, oh my god! Stop Ethan stop!? he didn?t stop but sucked my tits harder.

Even while begging him I was riding him faster and faster. I was closing on my second orgasm now and I couldn?t stay quiet anymore.

?I?m cumming!!! Oh my god Ethan Im cumming.?

I came and I was still riding him. I was nearly leaning against his face now and I was jelly. All that mattered was his cock in me and the need for him to cum in me. I was just about to yell again when he grabbed me and pushed me on to his cock to hard that I shouted and then I felt hot in my pussy, I could feel his cum deep in me and my cervix was being flooded, I felt the cum dripping out of me and I leant against him, cock still in me.

I slid him out of me and kneeled on the floor and started sucking his half flaccid cock. I could taste myself and him on his dick and I cleaned him all up and teased him with my tongue. I could feel him getting hard again and I started to take him deeper. I could feel his precum around my throat now and started to suck faster. I kneaded his ball sack all the while. All of a sudden he held my head and started to push himself in now. He mouth-fucked me for a minute and then pushed in the deepest and I felt the hot streams of cum down my throat and I swallowed all I could.

Then I stood up and started to put my cloths back on. I paused when putting my shirt back on.

?So do I get the job?? I asked him casually

?Well you certainly wowed me with your skills and yes you are getting the job. I believe you will continue to showcase these skills more and more over your job.?

?Yes. Yes I will sir?

?Oh and by the way, I will apprentice you for the first few months so be ready to work with me more.?

I just walked out of the office as I suspected that this type of ?work? would be very interesting. I couldn?t wait until I actually started work and wondered how I could promote myself soon?.