The Game First Time Sex Part 2 Virgin Sex

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The Game First Time Sex Part 2 Virgin Sex

Please read ?The Game ... /sex/sex-first-time/first-time-sex/">first time sex,? which is the first part of the story. I think you will find it very erotic, fun, and revealing.

Recapping the previous story, ?The Game ... /first-time/">first time sex,? my parents visited friends on a Sunday. I reluctantly went along, and that afternoon I got to stick my virgin dick into a girl?s pussy who lived next door. A girl named Donna introduced me to a sex game that ended up with her letting me fuck her. While I was deep in her pussy, she told me to get off because she was afraid of getting pregnant. We sucked each other, then she told me to get back on top. I couldn?t resist and ended up shooting my cum inside of her. She then relieved my fear of her getting pregnant by telling me that she was on the pill. She thought it would add to my excitement and first time experience if I thought that she could get pregnant. She was wildly erotic. I was curious how she got her pills when she couldn?t drive.

Donna got her driver?s license a couple months later and picked me up on the weekends for the next year, as well as many weekdays during the summer, just to fuck her. Donna was a couple of years older than I was (but only one year ahead of me in school, so I first thought she was only one year older...see previous story) and had been fucking her cousin for years until he moved and then joined the army. Since they started fucking long before she could get pregnant, they never used protection.

She had sex often with her cousin who lived nearby, and sexxxx video ful hd then two years before I met her, she thought she had gotten pregnant, but she didn?t tell anyone. One night she had a problem, and her step-mother took her to a hospital emergency room. Donna confessed to her step-mom that she thought she was pregnant. It was a false alarm. It was just a severe upset stomach. Her step-mother didn?t tell Donnas father and helped her to get birth control pills. So when we met, she had no worries about getting pregnant. I met her only a few months after her cousin moved away and later joined the army. Since she was on the pill. she was free to act out all of her fantasies as well as take care of mine. It just doesn?t get any better than that for a guy, and she was more than happy to accommodate my desires while taking care of hers.

During the fall of my sophomore year, which was nearly a year and a half since I lost my virginity, Donna was still enthusiastically picking me up on weekends. Our time together never grew old. She enjoyed having sex which was a direct contrast to many of the girls in my xxx sex video download free com school. Most pretended to be prudes and others dated the older guys in school who could drive. It was common knowledge that many of the freshman and sophomore girls who dated older students that could drive were getting their pussies fucked on a regular basis because the guys told. Other girls gave their dates head if they didn?t fuck. I never told anyone about Donna even though she attended another school. I think that is why we had such a great relationship. She didn?t want to be talked about, and I respected that.

One afternoon, Donna called me right after school. Since my parents didn?t get home until late in the evening, she said she wanted to bring her friend over to meet my friend Marcus. Donna usually didn?t come to my house during the week days, so I got excited about seeing her. Marcus was a couple of years younger than me and lived a block away. He visited regularly to play video games at my house. At Donna?s request, I called him, and he came over.

Although I had introduced Marcus to Donna, he didn?t know that I fucked her. When Donna arrived she introduced Marcus to her friend Tonya, who looked the same age as Marcus. We all chatted for a while. Tonya was as beautiful as Donna. I didn?t want to pay too much attention to Tonya in front of Donna, but I couldn?t keep my eyes off her legs. Her calves were perfect and really turned me on.

Tonya was wearing a short skirt that stopped mid-thigh. Her calves were hairless and slightly tanned from the past summer. My dick got hard as I fantasized about fucking her, but I knew that was not possible with Donna there. Marcus had never fucked before but was probably thinking the same thing I was.

Donna asked to see me in the kitchen.

Donna said, ?Tonya is a virgin. We have been close for the past few months. I finally told her about us. She is so horny and wants to try to fuck for the first time.?

Well, I thought she would be with Marcus until Donna said, ?I want you to fuck her.?

Oh my gosh, I said coyly, ?Sure. No problem,? as my heart started pounding, ?but what about Marcus? He has never fucked before either.?

Donna said, ?I knew that. I want to take care of Marcus.? Well that was fine with me. The thought of sticking my dick into a virgin pussy was making me wet as precum dripped out my dick. It is every guy?s dream for sure.

Donna said, ?By the way, we had planned this for awhile. She?s on the pill, so you won?t have to worry about getting her pregnant. Take it slow. Don?t rip her with a lot of force. You know it hurts the girl the first time. Just take your time.?

Donna was so instructional. She knew so much and could anticipate how it would feel since she was a virgin at one time, of course. We went back to the game room. I pulled Marcus to the kitchen.

?Donna wants to see you in my room.?

Marcus said, ?What for??

I said, ?Just play along, and she will show you.? Marcus had no problem with that. He smiled and didn?t ask any more questions.

Even though Donna really liked to fuck and we had no inhibitions, neither of us thought virgins would want other people in the same room, so I asked Tonya to go to the basement with me. There was a nice couch and plenty of privacy down there. Donna took Marcus upstairs to my room.

Donna came back down and called me up from the basement and whispered, ?Be sure to put some towels underneath her because she may bleed, and remember, take it very slow.?

Oh gosh, I hadn?t thought that far ahead, so I told her I would use a towel. We had a laundry room in the basement, and there were plenty of towels there.

When I got back to the basement, Tonya was lying on the couch with her shirt hiked up so that I could see her panties.

?Does this look OK?? she asked. She was trying to act erotic as Donna had instructed.

I said, ?It looks wonderful. You are beautiful. When I first saw you, I wanted to be with you.? I wanted to make small talk, but my dick wanted in her pussy, so I sat next to her and started kissing her.

She whispered in my ear, ?Donna said you would be perfect for my first time.?

I said, ?You look perfect to me, too. I?m so glad you came over. Let?s get comfortable.?

The lights were already dimmed, and I laid on top of her. I started kissing her uncontrollably. If this wasn?t love at first sight, it was certainly as close as it could ever be. She gave me the best /kissing/french-kiss/">french kiss that I had ever felt. That was new for me because Donna and I rarely kissed. She responded and sucked my neck until I thought I would yell because it was so ticklish. She gave me a gargantuan hickie. As I kissed her, I ran my hands under her panties to feel her pussy, but I was careful not to push my finger into her virgin pussy. That was for my dick. My desire for her couldn?t have been greater.

I took off my shirt, and then my shoes, socks, and pants. She reached up under my underwear and grabbed my dick. She let go, and I removed my underwear. She saw my /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick, and then looked straight into my eyes.

I laid on top of her, and she still had her skirt hiked up with her panties showing. My dick was pressing hard on her as I continued kissing her. I lifted up, and pulled her panties off. She was sandy blonde and her pussy hair was dark. I was so ready to stick my dick into her, but I resisted just as Donna had instructed. There was no rush since my parents wouldn?t be home for hours.

She spread her legs and exposed her virgin pussy. Her legs were hairless and so beautiful and soft. The hair surrounding her clit was like silk. She was in her most delicate part of her youth. There was a perfume scent on her neck that drove me /crazy/">crazy.

I gently removed her skirt. She took her top off. I helped her take her bra off. Her boobs were so perfect. Her nipples were erect and firm. I slowly eased the tips of my fingers gently down from her forehead, her neck, over her nipples, then on her stomach, her thighs, and then to the hair on her pussy.

Next, I bent over her and used my tongue following the same path. She grabbed my dick with her hand so very gently and held it as I touched her forehead with my tongue, just over her eyebrows. I moved my tongue down her nose, across her wide open lips back and forth, and down her neck to each /hard/hard-nipple/">hard nipple. I swirled my tongue on the left nipple and then on the right, and then I gently bit them just the way that Donna had taught me. She released my dick after running her fingers nails up and down its length.

My tongue went past her chest to her belly button, and then I moved to her right thigh all the way to her knee. She had her knees bent up and spread apart. Then my tongue went back across the top of her pussy, just above the hair line to the left thigh all the way to her left knee. She was shivering as I inched my tongue along.

Finally, I moved my tongue between her thighs to her pussy. I couldn?t resist. I took my fingers and gently opened her up to see her virginity. She reached down and opened her pussy?s lips wide. I could see her virgin tissues and a pencil-sized hole. I licked her as she held herself open.

After a couple more minutes of licking around her pussy, I found the couch was getting a bit restrictive. I raised up and asked her to move to the carpet. She said OK. This was a good time for me to get a couple of towels. I also found a blanket to put down. She laid down on the blanket with a couple of towels under her pelvis. Donna had prepared her well to know what to do.

Resisting the urge to rush this moment and holding back my desires, I continued licking her pussy and opening her up to stare at the tiny hole. It was so thrilling. My body was flushed with anticipation. I wish that moment could have lasted forever.

The hole was so small that I wasn?t sure how to fit my dick into it. I continued licking and wetting her pussy. I pushed my tongue on that little opening while she had her hands on the back of my head. I kept peeping at her virginity knowing that I would be the last to see it, ever. My heart was pounding like it never had before.

Tonya said, ?Hand me my purse please.? Geez, I thought she was going to give me a condom, so I was a bit disappointed since Donna said that Tonya was on the pill. Instead of a condom, Tonya took out a small sample-sized lubricant. I found out later that Donna had given her the lubricant. It would ease the pain of her pussy being torn apart when my dick pushed into it.

Tonya opened the package, and I was on my knees between her legs. She sat up and put her mouth on my dick! What a /surprise/">surprise. I wasn?t expecting head from a girl getting ready to lose her virginity. She went back and forth about three or four times and quit. I found out later that Donna had told her everything to do. I?m glad she didn?t continue sucking my dick too long because I could have cum in her mouth. I was so excited. Then she spread the lubricant on my dick, laid back on the blanket with her feet on the floor, and spread her knees apart.