Sex master gets a surprise

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Sex master gets a surprise

Hi my name is Sasha. I am 20 years old, am 69" tall, have /blonde/">blonde hair with purple highlights, have CC reasts, and am a lesbian. My /girlfriend/">girlfriend, Emily,is my slave, is 19 years old, is 611" tall, has sandy brown hair, has EE breasts and is also a lesbian. She works at a huge castle where she and another /fighting/girl-fight/">girl fight, naked, and the loser gets fucked. Emily has never lost becaus she knows if she does she will be punished when she comes home.

Chapter 1:

"Emily! Breakfast is ready!" I called to Emily. Her breakfast is breast milk and a little cum. She ran down the stairs while her EE breast jiggled. I lifted my shirt and unhooked my bra. She started to suck my nipple. Just then someone came one in the house. Niether Emily nor I heard the door open. It was my poporizzi friend, Venessa. It was only when the camera flashed a couple times Emily and I noticed venessa! " WTF?!?! What are you doing Emily?"

Emily and I hadnt come out yet so we were shocked and didnt know how to respond. "umm Venessa, this isnt what it looks like " I said quickly. " what is it then?" " Hmm well we umm Are," Emily started to say "lesbians" venessa was shocked. "hmm" she mumbled. " Ok well so what are you gonna do with those photos?" I anxoisly asked. Venessa had E breasts.

she was 70", has red hair, and is 21 years old. " lets see Ill post them on the Internet and give them to every single one of our friends." "Please NO! Well do anything!" both me and Emily cried. Emilys breasts jiggled. I wanted to play with them so /bad/">bad but Venessa was about to post pics of Emily sucking my nipples. "Anything? Humm..." Venessa said thinking. "Ok you are now my slaves. You are to do what ever I tell you to any where any time any place. Understood?" "Yes /mistress/">mistress" We replied. " First come with me I need to go to my house and I dont trust you two." I was shirtless and braless. Emily was totally naked. We tried to get clothes on but Venessa wouldnt let us. Venessa drives a SUV with a HUGE trunk. In the trunk were two large dog cages. She told us to get in them. We obediently did as we were told. She locked the cages and both me and Emily were trapped.

Chapter 2:

after about 2 and a half hours of driving Finally stopped. I didnt remember venessa living 2 and a half hours away. When the xxx back door opened we saw a huge pasture and barn. When porn videos download age unlocked the doors she put us on a leash and collar. " Come!" we followed. We walked to the big barn. When she opened the barn door we saw whips, chains, didlos, and rope. LOTS OF ROPE!

To be contined...