My wifes roses

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My wifes roses

It has been several months since my wife and I had sex. Usually, our sex frequency was normal, two ā€ three times a week, as the statistical average. We have been married for about nine years and had two young kids. But eight months ago, I was promoted as VP Sales, a job that is demanding long travels abroad. So, our intimacy and sex life took a dramatic decrease due my traveling.

I spent most of the time outside the country, far away from her. During my trips away from home, as a normal man, I needed to discharge my sexual tensions. So I was masturbating in my room, watching /erotic/erotic-movies/">erotic movies on my laptop. But I wandered how my wife is taking care of her sexual needs and I was more than curious to know about that.

My wife is a few years younger than me. She is well educated, smart and kind. Her favorite flowers are roses therefor our garden is full with roses bushes. She is always elegant dressed, being a Cosmetics Dept. Manager in a large store. She's 170 cm high, superb body and with wavy brown hair. I always admired her walking, her long legs and sexy bouncing ass. For me, she is probably the most beautiful woman in the world.

Six month ago, as I was abroad, she mentioned, during our cell phone conversation that she hired a school boy in his summer vacation, to take care of our roses garden. Till now, I was the gardener but being abroad and being the roses spiky, we needed someone to take care. She introduced him to me as he came one evening to pick up a tool he lost. He was 18 years old, shy, with handsome face, a /son/">son of emigrants from Romania. I didn't payed to much attention to him.

Well, five months ago, at one of my trips, several meeting where canceled therefore I returned a day earlier. I took, an early morning flight, bought a present to my wife at the Duty Free and headed toward our home to make her a /surprise/">surprise. I parked my car outside end entered our yard. I noticed a bike in our garden but I didn't saw the boy working. When I went into my home, I felt a strong smell of roses and I saw a huge wreath of roses on the table. Again, I didn't payed too much attention so I went through the corridor. Suddenly, at the angle of my eyes, I saw into the mirror on the corridor's wall that the door of our bedroom was large open and the bed wasn't empty. I stopped and looked quietly through the mirror and looks that ā€Iā€ was the person that was surprised and not my wife!

Concentrating on the scene, I saw my wife's /tight/tight-ass/">tight ass going up and down on some guy's face! I didn't know who the guy was because my wife's ass covered his face completely and she was facing his legs so her body was blocking the view but I saw that the guy was stroking his /hard/hard-penis/">hard penis. The bed around them, was covered with roses. It took me several long minutes to understand this scene, where my wife was acting, but my full hd xvideo download dick shot up with excitement, much faster that my brain.

With large open eyes, angry and excited, I watched the action. For me, in those moments, nothing was sexier than watching my /wife/sexy-wife/">sexy wife pleasuring herself on someone's face. Without being fully conscious, I took my hard penis out and looking through the mirror, I started playing with myself, enjoying the show.

I watched as her smooth and /perfect/perfect-ass/">perfect ass cheeks where engulfing his face as she sat on him and her intimate places as she lifted her ass to enable his breath. Stroking my /hard/hard-dick/">hard dick, I focused my attention on the gay's tongue, that was licking her small /asshole/">asshole. It was such an extremely powerful and erotic moment that I instinctively exclaimed and almost exploded. Then she lowered her ass back and his face disappeared again in her ass crack. Placing her hands on his chest, my wife started moving on his face, enjoying his tongue in her asshole. From behind her, I saw her body arching sexily, sitting hard on his face as she slowly released her head back, her long hair covering her shoulders. On the corridor, I was enjoying the masturbation of my life!

For about half an hour she rode him as he was fondling her ass cheeks, eating her pussy and /hole/ass-hole/licking-her-asshole/">licking her asshole. Then, she begun to moan, her head swung back and her ass bouncing increases as she rode him faster and faster. Her breathing started getting heavy and her moans filled the room. As her orgasm built, the guy and me begun free porn movies download stroking our penises furiously, synchronizing our moves to her ass bouncing.

All of us came together. I made some spots on the floor as she was washing his face with her juices. Then my wife got up and I saw his face. It was the garden boy!

Interesting, but I didn't felt angry or jealous anymore. Maybe because I didn't felt any treat from such a young boy and looks that this wasn't even full sex. Looks that she used him and his sexual boyish eagerness, to release her sexual tensions.

Then, quietly I left and made my way back to my car. In some way I was pleasantly surprised with what she did. Actually, it was my fault, being away from home. Except that, I couldn't gave her what the boy gave; his tongue in her asshole! And this way of tension relieving worth, because it kept my wife calm, relaxed and loving.

I left our house and went to a hotel. All the night I was thinking about what I saw and masturbated all the time. The view of my sexy wife on top of this slim boy, as his tongue was sending fire through her body, made me crazily excited.

I arrived home at second day, as planned. came home like nothing happened and I have never mentioned anything to my wife about what I saw. This time I brought her a huge wreath of roses. Kissing her, I said that she desire the best care, to look beautiful like a rose...

Several weeks later she said that she introduced the boy to her /friend/best-friend/">best friend, to take care of her garden also. Suck a lucky boy...