Jake comes to visit and we have our OWN sleepover

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Jake comes to visit and we have our OWN sleepover

"Ohh, guess what baby?" I asked my girlfriend Tracy Donovan, as I rammed my dick up her /asshole/">asshole. " Ugh, ughh...deeper motherfucker! What's that baby? Are you buttfucking me, or are you tickilling me, NOW /asshole/asshole-fuck/fuck-my-asshole/">fuck my asshole!!" As I increased my grip on her hips, slamming her shithole back against my cock, I felt her fingers pick up the pace against her clit. "I said guess what, /whore/">whore!" "Mmmph, uggh, ohhh, yeah baby? what? ughh, nghh." "My friend, Jake from highschool is going to be in town, he's going to stay with us for a few days." I felt her body tense, in a slight ripple of orgasm, though not the big one that is waiting deep inside her still. Though from her shudder, I knew she remembered our conversation. 

"Is he the one you had your first, ohh, yes baby, right there! Had your /first-time/">first time with a guy?" As I pumped her tight pink ass, I scratched her back and neck. "Ohh yeah baby. I fucked him up his tight asshole, I used him good. I pumped my cum in his shithole, then he fucked me in mine. He turned me over onto my stomach and used me Tracy, used me like the cheap whore I am." I could feel her orgasm building, so I sent her over. I pounded her rectum mercilessly, making her wince. "I felt him fill my asshole with his /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum, it pumped into me spurt after spurt. Filling my abused anus to the rim, spilling out onto my legs, and his balls." She couldn't take it anymore, her cunt exploded. She began to squirt all over the mattres, as I kept up my buttfucking of her. Her legs started to shake, and she fell over onto her stomach, spent, and filled with my /cum/thick-cum/">thick cum up her ass.

As we lay there, resting in our post-fuck haze. I look over and see my girfriend, spread eagle on her stomach, with my cum seeping out of her /cute/">cute little butthole. I go over to her, spread those perfect asscheecks and start sucking out all of my cum. She wakes from her dream, and slides her hand in between her and the mattres and starts to play with her slit again. "So, when's he coming baby." As she nears herself to orgasm. "next tuesday, if your ok." "Hmm, another /cock/hot-cock/">hot cock around the house. AND another hot cock thats going to be going up your ass, weather you like it or not." I finish sucking as much cum out of her asshole as I can. I slide up her back and turn her so she can face me, just slightly. "What makes you think YOUR getting any." I say with a grin, knowing that by the end of next week, were are all going to have gotten PLENTY.

"Need some company?" I say to Jake as he is getting into the shower. "Sure, it has been ahwile hasn't it?" Jake says with a wink. No sooner are we in the shower, then Jake turns to me, and shoves his tounge down my throat. We suck on each others tounges for ahwile, at the same time jerking each other off simultaneosly. "I can't take it anymore Jake, FUCK MY ASSHOLE! Make me your bitch again!" I say as I lean over, and grab the towel rack. "I thought youl'd never ask, bitch." Jake strokes his cock, as he bends down onto his knees. He pushes his tounge into my asshole, swirling it around inside my rectum. I feel his tounge withdraw, and his fingers take their place. 

As he finger fucks my brown hole, he brings his face up close to my ear. "You HAVE been waiting for this, you nean that girl of yours hasn't been fucking this asshole of yours. This nasty, PIG asshole." As he grunted the word pig, he shoved his full length into my shithole. I had to stiffle my scream in the towel, as he brutally sodomized me. I remember him being rough, but it must have been ahwile for him too. He reached around and roughly jerked me off, the sensation of having my asshole filled and cock jerked off were too much. I begin to lose control, and let loose jet after jet of thick salty cum all over the wall. "Nasty pig" He said as he rammed himself up my asshole harder, and deeper. He reached over with the hand on my deflating cock, spread the cum across his palm and fingers, then wiped it up and down my face, and mouth. "Eat it pig. Fucking Eat it! ughh, ohh." I knew I was about to feel his cum in my shithole, and sure enough one more deep hard thrust into my abused strecthed out asshole, and he unleashes a flood of /semen/">semen into my ass.

As we clean up, and pull back the shower curtain to see Tracy sitting on the toilet, pounding her /big/dildo-big/big-black-dildo/">big black dildo into her cunt. "You know, boys. I might want to watch a couple of nasty pigs go at it." As she said this her eyes rolled back into her head as she came in a body shaking orgasm. "Now, this time I get to watch." I looked down, and saw my own cock stiffining. Jake had just sodomized me, he wouldn't be ready. Though, I knew something that would get him ready. I grabbed jake by his shoulders, and forced him down milf porn videos on the floor, on his stomach. He tried to "resist", but he wasn't doing a very good job of it. "your my pig now, bitch." "Yeah baby, /bitch/fucking-bitch/fuck-that-bitch/">fuck that bitch up his ass. Use him, like you use me." I loved heaing tracy encourage me to sodmize my bestfriend in our bathroom. I push my cock between Jakes butt cheecks, and bring my mouth up to his right ear. "This time, blowjob porn videos I'm not going to suck your asshole, or lick your asshole, or lube it all. Who's the Bitch now, Pig!" I pumped my /cock/thick-cock/">thick cock all the way up his asshole, and began pounding away instantly. 

I was in heaven, I was watching my /girlfriend/girlfriend-fuck/">girlfriend fuck her pussy and asshole, with her double ended black dildo, as she watched me sodomizing my /friend/best-friend/">best friend on the floor. "Grunt pig, Your getting taken like a pig, start grunting piggy!!" Tracy screamed at Jake, as she roughly pounded both her holes. "If you act good enough for momma, piggy. I'll let you fuck my asshole like a REAL man." I just grinned listening to Tracy. I could tell her and Lana, had spent more time together over the weekend. "Ugh, nghh, ohh fuck my pig ass! use me, I"m your bitch steve, I'm youuurrss!!" as he pumped his cum into the rug underneath him. "Thats right pig, I am yours!" I began thrusting as hard, and deep as I could into my property. Abusing his lose asshole. Finally I just couldn't take it anymore, I wanted to spray my cum down his throat, but I couldn't pull out in time. So I pummped my cock in and out of his asshole as I came, spreading my semen all over his rectum. 

I pulled out of him, spent. Tracy, had other Ideas. She bent over and began sucking all my cum out of his asshole, and sharing it with me. She turned to me with cum leaking out of her mouth. "Go get my strap-on, I want a piece of this pig too." I went next door into the bedroom, and retrieved it from her nightstand, along with some lube. She put the big thick strap-on around her tiny waist, and spread some lube all over her new "dick." She draped her legs over his and positioned herself at the entrance to his now well sodomized anus. "Are you ready bitch?" She said, not caring if he was or wasn't. "A pig is always ready, don;t you know that whore?" Everybody smiled for a second, because we all knew THATS what we all were, pigs or whores. 

Tracy looked at the scene in front of her. Her boyfriend was stroking his softening cock, after roughly sodomizing his best friend in front of her, and now she is about to sodomize the same pig, it is a good night. She thrusts herself up Jakes asshole, slowly at first...then roughly as she slips past the second set of assmuscles, she knows that she is DEEP up his asshole, and can pound away now. So that is EXACTLY what she does. Steve watches his whore of a girlfriend, fuck his best friend up the ass like she has been fucking all her life. She starts out shallow and fast, then pumps away deep and hard. She leans back, and starts fucking nice long strokes, as she pinches and licks her nipples. I can tell she is about to cum, and starts fucking harder, but with less uniformity in each stroke. Then it happens, her body tenses, and she cums, all over the floor. As she slumps over Jake, he begins to wriggle free, thinking she's done. Tracy grabs him by the waist, and thrusts herself back into him. 

"Unlike you pussies, I can cum more than once. I'm just getting started pig." She picks up the pace on her assfucking, as I grow harder and harder, I go over to Tracy. Before I can even stick my dick in her mouth, she turns to me and says. "I suck you off all the time, make our new little piggy do it, I'm busy" she said sarcastically. Though, I wasn't going to argue. I knew she was going to sodomize me next, and I would like a little lube this time. So, I go over to Jake who is lost is his own pleasure, humiliation, lust. I force my dick past his lips, and his tounge takes over. He swirls around my cock, licking and sucking me in. "he sucks dick so much better than you do, whore." I say to Tracy, not caring about the lube anymore. "Just you wait pig, your asshole is next." She stares into my eyes, as she sodomizes Jake, and he sucks me off. We both can contain ourselves anymore and I grab Jakes head and force my dick down his throat, pumping my cum into his stomach. Tracy begins to convulse, and shake as her orgasm overtakes her. Even Jake, grunts slightly, as ANOTHER hot load of cum is dummped into the rug.

We rest like that, unable to move for several minutes, we all finally gather enough strength to move into the bedroom where we don't leave for the next day. We fucked, sucked, ate, licked, and came together. We all had the chance to be the pig, and to fuck the pig... 
...but that was just tuesday!!