Our First Anal With a twist

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Our First Anal With a twist

So me and my Girl Friend have been having sex for a while now, but we havent had /anal/anal-sex/">anal sex. So one Friday night I ask her if she would like to try anal tonight. She said sure. So she started to take off her shirt and pants. She paused when she was just in her under garments. I ask her why did you stop? She says that she wants to give me a blowjob first. So she gets on her knees, and I pull down my pants and she pulls out my soft 8 inch penis. She starts off with just the tip in her mouth, slowly sucking on it. My penis slowly gets hard while in her mouth. She starts to bring it deeper and deeper into her mouth.

When she pulls it out its at its full length of 10 inches. She strokes my penis and I start to cum all over her face. She wants me to fill her mouth with cum so I do so. When its full of cum she closes her mouth and swallows the cum. Then she tells me ok its time for you to stick your /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock into my tight ass. So I ask her to spread her ass so that it will be easier for my penis to get put in. At first instead of putting my penis in her ass I put my tung in and she starts to moan. Please put your cock into my ass she pleads me. I stick my erect 10 inch penis into her /tight/tight-ass/">tight ass. At first she screams and ask for me to stop.

I pull my penis out and /ass/ass-cum/cum-on-her-ass/">cum on her ass. Ok stick it back in she says, so I do so. This time she screams a bit softer and I start to go faster and faster. The faster I go the more she screams. I start to cum and then I pull out my penis. Its has cum and shit all over it. I ask her to get into the doggy position and I continue to fuck my girl friends ass. She doesnt scream this time instead she just moans my name. I pull it out one more time and it has more cum indian santali xvideo and more shit on it I ask her to stay in the position. I go and wash off my penis and get the shit off my penis. When I come back she is /master/">master-bating and caressing her vagina.

I ask her to get on the couch with her legs spread and her /feet/">feet in the air. She ask me if I was going to lick her pussy. I replied no I said I was going to fuck her pussy. She got onto the couch and did as I told her. I stuck my now clean smooth erect penis into her pussy that has been stretched out over the passed few weeks that weve had sex. I start pounding my penis in and out of her pussy, she lets out a bit a yelp, because she didnt think I would fuck her so hard at first and then she started to moan. I start to cum and after a while I start to fill her pussy with cum. When it starts to fill up I stop and ask her to give me a blow job it was just a quick blow job. For her to taste some cum with me having to cum again.

After the blow job is done I start to face fuck her with my soft 8 inch penis. My penis started to get harder during the face fuck. I was going pretty fast with the face fuck so when my penis got hard I was ramming into the walls of her mouth and started to cum. Then I pushed my penis all the way down her mouth and she started to gag. I pulled my penis out and we made out naked. I caressed her breast and she stroked my penis. This was going great until my girl friends /college/">college roommate came into our room. We stopped and stared at her. She had come to get my /girlfriend/">girlfriend because she wanted to talk to her and didnt know where she was so she checked my dorm room. She was really shocked and then she looked at my penis and her jaw dropped. My girl friend started to get off of me and started to put her cloths back on when her roommate (her name is Katie) told her to stop.

Katie said that she was a virgin and always wanted to have sex with someone with a /cock/large-cock/">large cock. I said that I would take away her virginity, she was so happy. She gave me a strip tease, not that I really needed it but I liked it anyway. Katies breast were larger than my girl friends. When she was fully naked I asked her to get onto the couch with her feet straight up in the air. She did as a said and I got onto my knees and started to lick her pussy. She moaned softly. I started to finger her and she started to moan a bit louder. I then stood up and put my cock slowly in to her vagina. She started to scream now and told me to stop. Then after a few seconds she told me to stick it back in. I did and she still screamed but said that it felt great. I then got to the hymen and when I broke the barrier I pulled my penis out and it was covered in blood. I said to her that she had now officially lost her virginity.

She asked me to continue to fuck her so I did a bit faster this time. The whole time Im doing this my girl friend is sitting on the coffee table behind me master-bating. As Katie starts to get used to my cock I pull it out. My cocks now cover with cum and blood. I go to the bathroom and wash my penis off again. I come back and my girl friend is still master-bating. I tell them both to get into the doggy position. They both get on their hands and knees I put my penis into my girl friends pussy and I fuck her really hard she is rowing forward and back and I finger Katies pussy. My girl friend is starting to moan really loud.

I stop fucking my girl friend and switch with Katie and /hard/hard-fuck/">hard fuck her and finger my girl friend. I do the same thing with Katie that I did with my girl friend I fucked her so hard she was rocking back and forth and screamed because she had never been fucked this hard. I stop and lay down onto the couch and my girl friend gets onto my lap and puts my penis into her pussy and starts to bounce up and down. And Katie gets over my face and I start to fuck her with my tung. Then my girl friend gets off of my penis to give Katie a turn. Katie gets onto my lap and my girl friend helps her put my penis into her vagina, then she starts to bounce up and down on my penis.

While Katie was bouncing on my penis my girl friend puts her legs around me and we start to make out. I start to caress her Brest again. We stay in this position for a while until Katie gets off of my penis and pleads me to cum all over her. So I do. I stroke my penis and cum all over my girl friend and Katie. I looked over at the clock and saw that the time said that it was 1:36 am and I just continued to cum on them after about 5 minutes of cumming their faced were /cum/red-cum/covered-in-cum/">covered in cum. I asked them to wait in my dorm alain lyle porn and put cloths on and left the two girls alone in the room. I came back with my friend (Jared). We opened the door and saw my girl friend and Katie on the floor making out. The stopped when we walked in and Katie was shocked when she saw Jared. She said that she loved Jared. She walked over to Jared and pulled down his pants and gave him a blow job. Jared took off his shirt and pants and started to fuck Katie. She moaned his name and I started to fuck my girl friend.

He stopped and told me to come over to him and fuck Katies ass while he fucked her pussy. I did so and Katie screamed so loudly that a few people knocked on our door. We just keep fucking her harder and harder, she just keep screaming louder. We stopped when a few people and the dean of the college got out door open. The dean was a tall black man. He told all the other kids to go back to their dorms. He walks in and closes the door. He walks over to Katie and tells us to back away from Katie. So we step away he then pulls out his large 12 inch back penis thats 3 inches around.

He pulls Katies head and forces his /penis/huge-penis/">huge penis into her mouth she starts to try and stroke it but her hand doesnt fit around it. He pushes it deeper and deeper into her mouth I was surprised how far she could take it about 3 inches before the scrotum she couldnt take any more. So the dean took out his penis and stroked it and the largest amount of cum Ive ever seen came out of his penis. He did this a few times until Katies face was /cum/red-cum/covered-with-cum/">covered with cum. The dean then rolled Katie over onto her hands and knees and slowly stuck his /penis/large-penis/">large penis into her semi stretched out pussy.

I said that it wasnt ever going to fit and that he could seriously hurt her. He said fuck it and went right on and shoved his penis in. She screamed really loud and pleaded him to stop but her just shoved it in farther. She screamed louder and Jared tried to pull the dean over and stop him. The dean just throw Jared off of him and started to fuck Katie faster. After her pussy got stretched out she started to moan and say yah fuck my pussy faster faster harder. We all just stood there me and my girl friend both naked, and Jared without pants.