Relinquishing Control

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
Relinquishing Control

She had often told him how the idea of being /submissive/">submissive turned her on, how she longed for a man to take control of her, to do with her as he desired. So tonight he thought he’d give her the /fantasy/">fantasy she longed for.

She entered the house late to find all the lights out. In the dark she heard his voice.

’Stay where you are and take of your coat.’

She did as she was commanded, thrilled by the power in his voice. She felt him near as he slipped a scarf over her eyes, blindfolding her, and another in her mouth so she couldn’t speak. Then, with her hands held behind her back she was forced up the stairs and into the bedroom.

Standing her in front of their large four-poster bed he took one arm at a time, binding her wrists and tying her to each post at the end of the bed so that her arms were spread apart. Then she felt his hands on her blouse, pulling the buttons apart and revealing her chest, before roughly tearing the top off her. She felt his fingers unfasten the clasp of her bra and that too was torn off, exposing her breasts. There she stood, arms held apart, her naked chest heaving as the feeling of being at his mercy turned her on.

Now his hands reached down to her skirt, pulling it down before he slipped wwwxxx his fingers inside her underwear, feeling how turned on she was and teasing her with his touch. Her knickers were removed and there she stood in only her heels. His hands reached between her legs, forcing them apart, and she felt rope around each ankle, which was tied to the base of each bedpost, holding her legs apart. Now she felt exposed and helpless. Blindfolded, gagged and naked with her legs forced apart she wanted some control back. She tried to make this clear to him, but all she could do was mumble with the gag still in her mouth.

His hands reached round to her breasts and his fingers closed on her nipples, massaging them until they were erect. He then moved slowly down her naked body. She gasped as he returned one hand between her legs and fucked her roughly with his fingers, sliding them deep inside her. He was obviously enjoying himself but she was feeling more vulnerable from this violent treatment. She relaxed as she felt the ropes holding her hands being untied from the bedposts and imagined that she was being freed. But instead of being released she was pulled forwards and her hands were retied to the opposite bed posts, forcing her to bend over with her exposed arse in the air. Again she felt his hands between her legs as he tied a rope around the top of each thigh and attached it to each bedpost. Then another rope was tied around her waist to higher up each post, holding her up. Now she was completely immobile. The ropes held her legs apart and also prevented her from moving backwards or forward, up or down.

He stepped back to admire his handiwork and her pretty little arse held securely in front of him. In this position, they both knew he could do what he liked to her.

’First,’ he said, ’I’m going to tease you,’ as she hear a buzzing behind her and recognised it as the sound of the vibrator she thought she had hidden from him. He slid it up her thighs and to her crotch, touching her with it as she strained towards it, asking to the wwwxxx feel it inside her. He eventually did as she wanted, and enjoyed watching here getting more turned on and hearing her moans becoming louder.

Suddenly he stopped and reached behind him for a bottle of baby oil. He held it over her and let it drip slowly onto her arse. He watched it run between her cheeks and over her crotch, mixing with her own juices now running down between her legs. 

’Do you know what,’ he said, stepping back to admire her glistening thighs and buttocks,

’You’ve been a /girl/bad-girl/">bad girl for not telling me about your ’toy’. Only /girl/dirty-girls/">dirty girls use vibrators, and dirty girls also get fucked up the arse.’

She was shocked by his coarseness. Oh God, she thought. In this position he can do anything. He dropped his trousers and stood behind her, teasing her with his erect cock, touching her crotch with it and sliding it up the crease between her buttocks. She was making more noise now, shaking her head and trying to break free of her ties. But she couldn’t move as he roughly forced her buttocks apart and placed his cock near her arse hole. She was panicking now, struggling to move, but the ropes around her thighs held her tight.

’Do you want to be fucked?’ he asked

She shook her head and mumbled.

’So you’ll do anything I say if I promise not to slide my cock up your arse?’

She nodded her head this time and sighed with relief. However, mixed with relief and fear was the feeling of becoming more turned on. Secretly she loved this dirty talk and dominance.

He moved away from her and took hold of a /dildo/large-dildo/">large dildo, another one of her ’secret’ /toys/">toys. Walking round to her face he removed the gag.

’Baby, I’m so sorry,’ she cried, tears of lust and humiliation running down her face. He slipped the dildo into her mouth before she could speak again.

’I want you to imagine that’s a cock in your mouth, and I want you to suck it as hard as you can, unless you want to be defiled and have my cock up your arse.’

She nodded meekly in agreement, the dildo filling her mouth as he returned behind her and then she let out a muffled cry as he slid the vibrator slowly up her arse. She felt totally humiliated as he stepped back and watched her, naked, tied up and blindfolded, sucking on a plastic dildo with a vibrator up her arse, especially when he told her he had a /camera/video-camera/">video camera and was filming everything.

’Come on you /whore/">whore, make some noise for the camera,’ he told her as he walked around, and then smiled as she sucked harder and began to moan.

However, her loud moans were not entirely put on for him. The vibrator and the feeling of humiliation were turning her on more, and she could feel more dampness between her legs and the first wave of an orgasm. This feeling grew as he continued to watch and film her until he put down the camera and whispered in her ear,

’You’re actually enjoying this, aren’t you?’

She found herself nodding.

’And now you’re feeling horny and begging to be fucked’

Another nod. He stepped up behind her once more and slid his cock inside her.

’Now it feels like you’re being spit roasted doesn’t it, you filthy slut’

She moaned louder as he talked dirty to her and was completely overcome by a feeling of helplessness as he held his cock inside her, not moving. She strained to try to slide up and down on it, but the ties held her frustrated. He stayed still until she thought she couldn’t take any more, the vibrator in her arse turning her on so much but not making her orgasm. After what seemed like eternity, when he could feel her juices running down her own thighs, he felt her whole body shudder as she came, crying into the gag.

’You dirty /bitch/">bitch!’ she heard him laugh as he withdrew from her and began to release her bindings. When she was completely free she collapsed onto the bed and he lay beside her, holding her closely as her heart rate returned to normal and she relaxed, falling into a deep sleep in his arms.